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Welcome to My Website,

When looking through the Aircraft images, please note the extreme detail shown in textures and parts. The Aircraft images are rendered in the same exact tolerance as the original engineering data, this process is unique, yielding very high quality posters and artwork.

Enjoy; and thanks for the visit.

My Passion is creating 3D artwork and 3D cutaways of complex products that inspire customers and investors to participate, allowing companies from a few person start-ups to small companies to advertise their products worldwide in a taxing economy.

My passion is devoted to the Art creating images of products that do not yet exist, or creating images that are difficult to create. Renderings are used for engineering review, early marketing, customer focus groups and obtaining deposits, while the product is being developed. Rapid Response Rendering is used to help individual customers with the interior and exterior selections during the day of their spec meeting.

Top Right Image is a comparison between a polygon aircraft vs a model created from the real manufacturing data.

Middle Right Image; note nice reflections on manufacturing data vs the choppy polygon data

Bottom Right Image; If you gave both of these images to a professional 2D Artist he would only be able to bring one to the level of a photograph, if you do not use all of the openings, screws and small detailed parts the image will fail the illusion that this is a real photograph.

Polygons vs Manufacturing Data
Light Reflection Closeup
Missing Detail Ruins a Good Rendering