Engineering vs Hollywood

3D with Photo Retoucher

3D Realtime Rendering

Cost Matrix

Crowd Funding

Saving Costs Philosophy;
Repurpose the 3D cad data for current and future work to save customer money while
creating a better product! By using this fractional approach to long-term relationships,
the continuity is maintained for the betterment of the project through out its lifespan.

Cost vs. Complexity vs. Schedule
My cost is based on engineering wages with upcharges for over time, regular charges for a normal working schedule, discounts for extended schedule and special rates for customers who may be interested in participating in a joint crowd funding campaign.
Long term fractional employee 
1/24 to 1/2 a year to flex with the company needs.

Simple Solid Color Rendering (pick to see extreme detail)

Image at left is the low end of complexity cost matrix, simple white shaded artwork to very complex highly configurable textured artwork.

Hi End 3D Cutaway Master Model (pick to see detail)

Costs Saving 2D; Using your Favorite Illustrator / Graphics Person

 My focus is creating the 3D portion of the cutaway, your favorite illustrator can get involved with the labeling, sizing and final presentations, working in a team environment gives the most flexibility and quality to the end product.

Costs Saving; Providing 3D Data

To do my work I only need the visible surfaces, buried data only slows down the transfer process and cuase more work to delete surfaces that are not needed for the final artwork, example back end of cockpit instruments.

To get an Estimate
Please send a few snapshots of your project like the example on the left.
Please include a small section of the cad data 5mg to 10mg exported to step and parasolid, this will alow me to determine the best format,see the complexity and create a proposed cost matrix based on your desired timing.
Please keep in mind longer schedules and starting early saves money and improves quality

Additional Services
Consulting day, show hardcopy poster, demonstrate on a lap top 3D master models that contain all options and trim levels, used for interactive customer demos, viewing model with customer interactively, create draft renderings for sign off, create customer paint schemes, discuss how your sales and marketing teams can use the technology. $500 7hrs on site plus pier diem and travel.

Short-term onsite proects.